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OptiBalancePet Formulas

A while back I was introduced to a woman named Judy Tobey who has a line of safe, effective, all-natural products called OptiBalancePet Formulas, all of which are recommended by animal behaviorists to dramatically improve behavioral issues in pets. Judy has over 15 years’ experience as a Classical Homeopath and Flower Essence practitioner. In my first conversation with her I was really impressed with both her product line and the intense passion and commitment she has for her work.

The following summarizes the advanced Dog and Puppy Formulas available from her website at

  • Fears & Phobias – Restores calm and confidence, and resolves even chronic fears of unusual or extreme circumstances such as storms, fireworks, crowds, or unfamiliar people or surroundings.
  • Separation Anxiety – Safely restores calm and comfort.
  • Aggression Relief – Gently shifts imbalance, fear and trauma that can cause misdirected aggression.
  • Boarding & Day Care – Alleviates the stress and trauma that a pet may experience with outside caregivers or other changes in daily routine.
  • Hyper Dog – Helps eliminate high-strung behaviors and improve overall well-being by supporting confidence, self esteem, and the ability to relax.
  • New Home – Provides calm, confidence, and a willingness to create new bonds, helping to ensure quick and successful adjustments.
  • Love Lost – Revives a dog’s zest for life while resolving despondent and/or depressive behavior due to loss of or extended separation from a companion or caregiver.>
  • Training Formula – Supports behavior modification and provides greater patience, focus, and overall receptivity and responsiveness to learning and conditioning.

The site also includes an innovative Remedy Finder, which describes common problem behaviors and the best of the above formulas to address each behavior.

For more detailed information regarding all of these products, I highly recommend that you visit