A Story of Love and Extraordinary Friendship

“Codi’s Journey is a warm and sensitive narrative, describing the love, companionship, extraordinary closeness and caring that was the reality of the relationship between a dog and her humans. From the text it’s obvious this dog was always tuned into her humans, truly her family, even though they were of a different animal domain. Likewise, the author’s descriptions of her enthusiasm for life, her smartness, drive and tenacity make her come alive as the book unfolds.

Based on some of the stories shared it’s very apparent that Codi’s “work” in life was to continually perfect the ability to chase, catch, and retrieve a Frisbee, and she was as determined as any good athlete in perfecting these skills. Even as she aged and her health deteriorated, she maintained this zest for life, and in the process taught her humans about the importance of getting the most out of life no matter what stage of it one is in.

If you ever have owned, loved and then lost a cherished animal friend, Codi’s Journey will awaken memories and reminiscences of your animal companion and may bring on a few tears – happy tears for having owned and loved an animal that loved you back tenfold. You won’t want to miss this story of love and extraordinary friendship.”

                           Peter Cunningham, Florida

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