Book Excerpt: Codi’s Comedy

“Perhaps Codi’s most humorous exploit was something we ultimately came to call “going Border Collie Crazy,” or “BCC” for short. It all started when she was about five months old, coinciding with the time when we began to leave her alone in the house for longer periods of time. One day, upon returning from a shopping trip that kept us away for longer than we had ever been before, the BC greeted us enthusiastically at the back door and then immediately launched into a high-speed romp through the house.

This wasn’t just a quick gallop from one end of the abode to the other and back again. No, this was a sustained burst of pent-up energy that included jumping on and off the couch, crawling on her belly under the cocktail table, rising up again and sprinting down the hall to the bedroom, leaping on and off the bed, circling a padded chair, then repeating the same process at least twice more until she finally got it out of her system. It essentially happened so fast that all we could do was stand back and laugh hysterically as this wild-eyed Border Collie treated our entire house like it was the setting for an agility competition!”

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