Artfully Written and Lovingly Presented

 “When I was five I lost my first dog, and my mother consoled me with, “she’s in heaven now, watching over you”. Although my definition of heaven has shifted over the years, I have never lost the sense that many of our animal friends seem to be more human than many who call themselves human. Some seem to bring a spiritual quality with them, and that is exactly what Jeff describes in Codi’s Journey.

His dog-tale is studded with humor, sensitivity, and most of all, the spirituality that his first book, Spirituality Simplified, demonstrated so beautifully. His joy and delight in Codi’s personality and “beingness” is intermingled with the tears and anguish that all of us feel when a loved one is in pain and we prepare for their passing. Artfully written and lovingly presented, Codi’s Journey is a gift for the soul.”

Joyce Naylor, New Jersey

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