The “Vision” for Codi’s Journey

Jeff MWhen I wrote down the results of three sessions Codi had with an animal communicator during her final year, I felt compelled to produce this book because those sessions clearly demonstrated to me that dogs (and other animals) truly are sentient beings. By “sentient” I mean they are perceptive beings who are, at some level, fully aware of their surroundings. They also feel and demonstrate a wide range of emotions, including love, sadness, fear, and in some respects anger, but in not in the self-righteous way that humans do.

From my perspective, this sentience is something that must be carefully considered by humankind within the context of how animals are cared for on this planet. In practice that actually means changing how animals are treated in the support of human industry (e.g., food and agriculture, cosmetic & pharmaceutical testing), and pet-related commerce (e.g., puppy mills, pet stores, etc.).

My primary vision for Codi’s Journey is that it ultimately can play a role in raising the awareness of animal sentience, so that larger numbers of people are sensitive to the importance of providing dignified treatment to all animals currently used in support of humans. With increasing numbers of people demanding better treatment for animals, it is my sincere hope that the companies in those industries could then be compelled to modify their business practices.

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