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A “Must Read” for Dog Lovers

“If you’ve ever had a canine friend, you’ll be deeply touched by Jeff Maziarek’s tribute to his friend and teacher – Codi. In his newest book, Codi’s Journey, he tells a remarkable story of a man’s best friend and the powerful bond between dog and owner – teacher and student – that will make you laugh, as you read about Codi’s playful way of teaching the wisdom of the ages, and cry tears of joy and sadness as man and friend prepare for the next steps in life’s great journey. You won’t want this story to end!

Codi’s Journey is well-written, and a definite “must-read” for dog lovers who have lost a dear canine friend.”
                    Pete Koerner, author of “The Belief Formula

A Compelling, Heartfelt Work

“Codi’s Journey” is a compelling, heartfelt work about the unquestionable love between man and dog. I loved the Codi conversations especially, although I loved every word. It truly is a love story. While the loss of such a dear friend is so much to bear, next to all the love we are given, it is little.

What a labor of love this book was; I can imagine the tears that were shed in the writing.”

                Gloria Wendroff, author of Heavenletters

Written Straight from the Heart

“After reading Codi’s Journey, I can honestly say that I’ve become a better “dog mother.” While most of the books in this category are funny with a twist of danger or a hint of sadness, this book gives it to you right from the heart.

It’s almost as if Codi herself wrote the book through the author so the rest of us “dog parents” can feel that it’s Ok to feel as nuts about our canine kids as we do. In fact, it’s perfectly normal to have such profound love for a four-legged being that we are willing to leave no stone unturned in order to keep them both happy and healthy.”

                        Kristen Damolaris, Illinois