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Welcome to Codipup.com, a website dedicated to my book Codi’s Journey, a heartfelt story about an awesome dog who touched our family in profound way. (CLICK HERE to read a PDF file with two sample chapters). If you have any questions regarding a particular subject on this site, please send me an email by clicking here. I also invite you to visit the Codi’s Journey Facebook page by clicking on the link located on the navigation bar to your right. Below is a list of radio interviews that I have done on behalf of Codi’s Journey.

  • Donna Seebo Show click on this link and a page will load that includes an audio player;this file is not downloadable.)
  • Starr Weldon’s Walk In Cafe Radio Show. Click here to listen to the show in archive.

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Codi says…

Codi says graphic 8

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The “Vision” for Codi’s Journey

Jeff MWhen I wrote down the results of three sessions Codi had with an animal communicator during her final year, I felt compelled to produce this book because those sessions clearly demonstrated to me that dogs (and other animals) truly are sentient beings. By “sentient” I mean they are perceptive beings who are, at some level, fully aware of their surroundings. They also feel and demonstrate a wide range of emotions, including love, sadness, fear, and in some respects anger, but in not in the self-righteous way that humans do.

From my perspective, this sentience is something that must be carefully considered by humankind within the context of how animals are cared for on this planet. In practice that actually means changing how animals are treated in the support of human industry (e.g., food and agriculture, cosmetic & pharmaceutical testing), and pet-related commerce (e.g., puppy mills, pet stores, etc.).

My primary vision for Codi’s Journey is that it ultimately can play a role in raising the awareness of animal sentience, so that larger numbers of people are sensitive to the importance of providing dignified treatment to all animals currently used in support of humans. With increasing numbers of people demanding better treatment for animals, it is my sincere hope that the companies in those industries could then be compelled to modify their business practices.

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Critical Acclaim – Codi’s Journey – How Angels Touch Our Lives

“I’ve experienced the extraordinary love and grievous loss that comes when we’re lucky enough to share our lives with amazing creatures. Codi’s Journey tells that story with candor, joy and tears. Because they cannot stay long, our four-legged kids teach so much about the importance of honoring each and every moment we’re given with them, a lesson we might do well to apply elsewhere. A friend once told me that dogs are angels sent down to look after us. Codi’s Journey affirms that belief!”

Catherine Crier, Acclaimed Author, Former Judge, Award-Winning Journalist, & TV Broadcaster (ABC News, CNN, Court TV, Fox News Channel)

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Critical Acclaim – A Touching Tribute

“For anyone who has experienced a spiritual canine connection, Codi’s Journey is a must read. It’s a touching tribute to a man’s search for a very special pup and the heart-warming life journey they shared.

Eugenia Last, Internationally Syndicated Astrologist and Author


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Critical Acclaim – A Story Told with Great Heart

“Codi’s story is one told with great heart; you will care about this dog as you think about your own dogs. Anyone who has ever loved and lost canine companions will definitely identify with this work.”
Steve Dale, syndicated radio host: WGN Radio; “Pet World;” syndicated columnist (Tribune Media Services), USA Weekend Contributing Editor
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Codi in Action!

Thanks to the efforts of a local video production company that converted some old VHS-based videos to digital files, visitors to this site can now see Codi in action! This sure brought back lots of good memories. I hope you enjoy it!

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Buy Codi’s Journey

Codi’s Journey is available in print from Amazon.com and as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook. (Please note that the “Nook” version of the eBook file also can be used on any other e-reader that supports a standard ePUB format file.)

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Really captures the emotional bond with a pet

“I do not have much time to enjoy reading for other than business, but once I began reading Codi’s Journey, I couldn’t put it down. Having had pets myself, interacting with them and sadly losing them I could completely empathize with the author’s thoughts. He really captured the emotional bond that exits between a pet owner and their pet. Codi’s Journey is extremely well-written, and is a book that should be read by non-pet owners as well.”

Keith S., Woodford, Wisconsin

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Artfully Written and Lovingly Presented

 “When I was five I lost my first dog, and my mother consoled me with, “she’s in heaven now, watching over you”. Although my definition of heaven has shifted over the years, I have never lost the sense that many of our animal friends seem to be more human than many who call themselves human. Some seem to bring a spiritual quality with them, and that is exactly what Jeff describes in Codi’s Journey.

His dog-tale is studded with humor, sensitivity, and most of all, the spirituality that his first book, Spirituality Simplified, demonstrated so beautifully. His joy and delight in Codi’s personality and “beingness” is intermingled with the tears and anguish that all of us feel when a loved one is in pain and we prepare for their passing. Artfully written and lovingly presented, Codi’s Journey is a gift for the soul.”

Joyce Naylor, New Jersey

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